How We Protect

The security of Evalv IQ is supported by our hard work in defining and addressing existing problems in the cybersecurity industry.

We look at how cybersecurity incidents arise; and how best to resolve and protect against them in the future. We focus on four major solution-oriented groups, scaled to your organization size, to ensure optimal service is provided.

Incident Detection

Incident detection allows your organization to be alerted if there is a cybersecurity breach. It is important to strengthen incident detection protocols to ensure that should a breach occur, the business is alerted immediately to allow for minimal damage. These technologies help your organization find and stop attackers before it is too late.

Our detections services include, but are not limited to:

Managed Monitoring, Detection, and Alerting Services

We work with our partners to augment your current IT and cybersecurity staff by providing centralized alerting and detection.

Fully Managed SIEM/SOC Services

We offer security information and event management (SIEM) + Security Operation Center (SOC) services. We provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for your network.

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions

We look at Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions with Deep System Forensics and Ransomware Rollback.

Network Baselining and Anomaly Reporting

We develop extensive network scans with annotated reports that provide insight into network health and security gaps.

Bruteforce and Account Takeover Monitoring

We put in place account usage monitoring and alerting to detect rising account takeover attacks.

System use Monitoring

We monitor for suspicious or anomalous device usage.

Web Content Filtering and Notifications

We filter web traffic to prevent malicious, illegal, and unwanted content on company assets.

Data Loss Protection (DLP) Services

We examine Data Loss Prevention and Privilege Access Management solutions to help control and monitor the flow of data and accounts within your environment.

Audit Review, Analysis, and Reporting

We review your network posture with the goal of detecting gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Denial of Service (DOS) Detection and Mitigation

We detect attempts to deny service(s) and remediation, if necessary.

USB and External Media Detection and Restrictions

We look at and prevent external device usage unless specifically permitted

Incident Response

Incident response describes the processes chosen to handle a cyberattack. The goal of an incident response plan is to effectively handle the breach in a manner that causes the least possible damage to the organization and its clients.

Our response services include, but are not limited to:

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We utilize DRaaS as an enhanced backup solution. It is fully managed by our team. DRaaS provides managed, rapid network recovery from catastrophic events.

Incident Response Services

We have partnered with several resources to help get your organization's information on file for rapid response in the case of a cybersecurity incident. Services are billed, but the initial registration is free; and information can be kept on file to facilitate rapid response procedures.

Evalv IQ’s CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team)

We leverage resolutions to cybersecurity incidents with Evalv IQ’s|CIRT's expertise. This includes all phases of the IR process and the follow up "post-incident" cybersecurity improvements.

Emergency Network Restoration Services

We develop a specialized Incident Response service that focuses on rapid restoration of network services.

Comprehensive Post-Incident Cybersecurity Improvement Planning

We create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan following an incident with forensics specialists.

Persistent Malware Removal

We remove persistent or highly evasive malware from your network.

Incident Prevention

All organizations need an effective incident prevention plan in place as cybercriminals continue to find creative ways to infiltrate a business’s network and systems. A proactive incident prevention approach ensures that valuable, confidential, or secret data does not end up in the hands of someone with malicious intent.

Our prevention services include, but are not limited to:

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We teach you how cyber criminals successfully attack your users.

Cybersecurity Assessments/Audits

We discover your strongest vulnerabilities with a Cybersecurity Assessment.

Managed Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus Services

We protect your devices with top-rated, managed, and monitored Anti-Virus services.

Managed Patching Services

We deploy feature packs, service packs, security patches, cumulative rollups, and update rollups to Windows workstations and servers.

Managed Firewall/Network Security Services

We secure your organization's perimeter. Evalv IQ will maintain and update firewalls within the network to ensure maximum uptime while remaining secure.

Virtual Chief Information Officer Consultation Services (vCISO)

We provide proper governance for strategic planning within organizations. Evalv IQ’s Virtual CISO services provide all the benefits of a full-time CISO at greatly enhanced flexibility.

DNS Traffic Filtering and Security

We Protect your organization's users and resources with our comprehensive DNS Traffic Security and Web Content Filtering.

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

We discover issues within your network with a technical assessment of your defenses

Web Application Security

We shield your organization's most important web application assets.


The government has very particular needs when it comes to cybersecurity as it can be a matter of homeland security or critical infrastructure maintenance. Government cybersecurity systems are dedicated to protecting important information via utilizing public sector security experts in all aspects of cybersecurity, including CJIS - Criminal Justice Cybersecurity Services.

Government Cybersecurity Services

Managed and Co-Managed Cybersecurity Services
We look at Managed Network Security, Security Awareness Training, Vulnerability Testing, Managed AV, Managed Patching, SIEM/SOC, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Managed Endpoint Protection
We offer services and products that keep endpoints safe with an emphasis on being lightweight and unobtrusive.

IT and Cybersecurity Consultation
We have many consultative solutions including, but not limited to Virtual CIO, Governance Consulting, DRBC Consulting, Cloud Strategy Consulting, Workflow Consulting, Compliance Consulting, and RFP Services.

IT and Cybersecurity Auditing and Assessment
We provide a variety of audits and assessments including comprehensive IT, Cybersecurity, and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.

Our Mission

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