Theresa Jones
Cybersecurity Executive and Advisor; Keynote Speaker, Technical Trainer and Author

Theresa Jones is the owner and principal consultant for EVALV IQ (pronounced evolve). Her agency is the first female, minority-owned, full service Cyber Security consulting firm in the state of Louisiana. Theresa is playfully known as the Cyber Lady, yet there is nothing whimsical about her drive and determination to continue furthering her career professionally. After 17 years of mastering the sales and marketing industry, Theresa Jones entered the Cyber Security & Information Technology industries in 2016 and took it by storm.

Evalv IQ is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), that is fiercely committed to the Department of Defense (DOD), civilian and state government agency customers, and the communities in which we grow. Evalv IQ is a proven leader in knowledge, capability, and resources to successfully monitor, analyze and respond to information security, assurance, and risk management problems across Federal and commercial clients. Theresa Jones and the Evalv IQ team are committed to excellence!

Board Appointments and Commissions

Theresa proudly serves on the Board of Directors as Vice President of Events for the InfraGard Huntsville, Alabama’s partnership with the FBI; the newest member appointed to the Louisiana’s Cybersecurity Commission as the Maritime Co-Chair, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Cyber Security Trainer and the Cyber Security Specialty Consultant for the Louisiana Small Business Development Centers, and a host of other entities.

Speaking and Training Topics

Business Ingenuity, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Diversity & Equity in Business, Information Technology, Risk Management, Project Management, Professional Development, Risk Management, Science and Technology (STEM), Technology and Cyber Trends, Grant Funding Opportunities, Business Development and Consulting

Not Just Another Keynote Speaker

Theresa prides herself on being more than just entertaining — she aims to be highly engaging, too! Her high-energy keynotes have been described as “the perfect mix between a really funny stand-up comedian and a really smart professor.” With each presentation, she makes customer engagement not only accessible, but exciting, which is why more than 90% of Theresa’s calendar is comprised of referral gigs.

Here To Help On & Off The Stage

Theresa knows that her true value comes not just from my time on the stage, but the RESULTS that are generated by the audience after the fact. That’s why she’s laser-focused on educating & creating change. She works with every event organizer before the event to identify the most-desired outcomes and craft a program that’s tailored directly to the audience. Then, she gives every audience member a takeaway to ensure they’re ready to hit the ground running and implement REAL change.

Available For Virtual & In-Person Gigs

It’s no secret that more and more speaking gigs are taking place virtually. After all, it’s less travel and expense for you and the speaker you hire. Luckily, Theresa has been prepping for this for years, so no matter what program suits you and your team, she’s here to make it happen, on-stage or online.

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