Who We Protect

Evalv IQ’s clientele’s ecosystem and value-chain expand daily. We work to increase your resilience against cyber threats. Our clients require a tailored approach to cyber security because they vary by industry, region, and risk level.

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Ransomware attacks occur
every second in the US



of cyberattacks are on
government organizations
National Security



trillion are spent on
cybersecurity each year
Global Commerce


cyberattacks occur every day
in the Maritime Industry


million individuals were affected by cyberattacks on the Healthcare Industry


of data breaches caused by
phishing in the Legal Industry
National Security

National security is one of the most impacted industries by cyberterrorist groups. Terrorist groups often engage in cyberattacks with financial motivations to fund other operations and help support recruitment.

Government Entities

Acts of financial, industrial, political, and diplomatic espionage in cyberspace are the most common objectives for cyberattacks against government entities. Intellectual property (IP) theft, in particular, costs the global economy more than $2 trillion annually by some estimates.


Maritime business accounts for 90% of world trade. Cybercriminals threaten the $1 trillion industry with daily cyberattacks each year. Lorem ipsum doler.

OUR Clients

Some of Our Valued Clients

Due to the sensitive nature of the solutions that Evalv IQ offers, we are limited in sharing who our clients are.; however, some of our public clients are listed below.